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Art gifts from original paintings

Art gifts from original paintings

What’s that you say? Fit to be loved is not just doing needle felting but paintings now too?

That’s right your eyes are not deceiving you, I have been having a bit of a dab at painting !

After spending hours of love and labour on each of my needle felted creations I do sometimes miss them once they have gone to their new owner. I feel a bit like Gippetto after creating Pinocchio. Yes I know my animal felted animals are not real but I cannot lie that I do get attached all the same. Maybe you feel like that too after you have put your heart and time into creating something?

Sometimes if they have gone to family or friends I know I can visit them once in a while (the mouse is at my Mum’s and the hare is at my sister’s for example) but many, especially those which have gone across the world, will only exist in my memories and in the photos I have shared here on my blog and on social media.

So I recently got out my water colour and acryllic paints and started to transform some of my favourite needle felted animals into colourful paintings. I started with the tawny owl (the wool owl does live in my local charity shop and watches customers as they browse through the book shelves so I can see him now and then but it is not quite the same as still having him with me at home) and the long-eared bat.

Here is a reminder of this lovely pair;

Felted owl (96)         03-Needle felted bat (8)








I have often been inspired by the way some artists use a whole spectrum of colours, when the real colours are actually just neutral browns and creams, to create an eye catching image, so this was the style I chose to experiment with.

I then set up my new Zippi shop where my original painting designs appear on a whole variety of gifts and on different background colours!

Perhaps you or someone you know really liked the owl? well now you or your loved one can have a colourful print of the owl all for yourself in your home (on a mug, coaster, jigsaw, cushion or canvas print) or take him around with you (on a bag, key ring mobile phone or ipad cover, drinks bottle etc). You can also send someone a card with your favourite animal on…

Here are a few designs so far with various background colours to choose from. But watch out for many more to come!

Click on an image you like below to see what gifts are on offer in that design!

beige-owl mint-owl   transp-owl





owl-long mint-owl-long  pink-owl-long

green-bat bat-touch-uppink-bat

long-batlong-pink-bat  green-bat-long







All gifts are of brilliant quality and made in the UK.

After the owl and bat I will continue with the fox and squirrel as a woodland theme. Then I will do some more of my favourites.

Which ‘Fit to be loved’ animal is your favourite and you would like me to paint next? please leave me a comment 🙂




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