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Fit to be loved felted animals and tutorials

Fit to be loved felted animals and tutorials

Welcome to the ‘Fit to be loved’ website! I hope you enjoy browsing through the pages and keep coming back for more.

‘Fit to be loved’ animals are one of a kind and lovingly handmade through the art of needle felting. Each detailed sculpture can take many hours of love and labour.

To ensure they are of the highest quality, all animals are made with carefully selected wools that are ethically sourced and beautifully textured. I mainly use corriedale as a core wool and merino wools over the top. I choose and blend colours to get just the right tones to suit the animal. The wools are soft to touch, and I layer and trim them in such a way to resemble the natural animal fur.

Sometimes sculptures will have a wire armature inside for stability and structure.

Each animal is created to be as realistic as possible whilst also being full of soul, character and cuteness.

Once finished I write a short blog post about them here and some will go up for sale in my Etsy shop.

17-Needle felted squirrel (30)

Would you like to learn how to needle felt animals? stuck on how to start? or need ideas on how to better your skills?

Whether you are a beginner or at a more advanced level you can learn this amazing art form step by step and make your own needle felted creations on my tutorial page and  on my YouTube channel.

Find me on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest to see what I am making next.

Have fun felting!

Amanda Adebisi

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  1. Have really enjoyed your tutorials. I have made a badger with your help, but could not find a fox – has there been one.


    • Hi Rose. Great you made a badger. Would love to see how it turned out. I made a fox (see gallery) when i first started but didn’t show technique. I wrapped wool over a wire frame and added wool shapes to give it a fox like anatomy. Then did the long fur technique (see my tutorial)


  2. Great tutorials! Thanks so much.


  3. lovely blog. and informative view into the way you work. thanks for sharing x



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