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About Me

I live in south Lincolnshire with my husband Ade.  For 11 years I worked in a wonderful animal conservation charity in London but have recently moved to enjoy a less busy life and persue my dream of running my two businesses based on my passions; needle felting and helping couples with infertility.

I also love to paint, dance salsa, play drums, discover new places and photograph wildlife and landscapes. Most of all I love spending time with friends and family. I have a busy life but enjoy it to the full as much as possible!

Why ‘Fit to be loved’?  

Amanda Adebisi 2-29657_10150207116340571_5351680_n

Fit to be loved (or deserving of love) is the meaning of my name; Amanda.

I so love that our names have meanings. As a child I always knew the meaning of my name and at times my parents would remind me of it. Thankfully they chose a really nice one.

However it is only in more recent years that I have begun to believe in these four little words for real. I haven’t always liked or loved myself but I suppose you could say I am now all grown up or at least trying to grow up although still enjoy being childlike at times. I now have much more confidence in who I am. Through my journey in life I know in my heart that I have been and am loved by my family, my lovely husband, friends and very much so by God.

Anyway this is not to go on about how I (and you too of course) deserve to be loved, but more to introduce myself to you as the creator of ‘Fit to be loved’ and explain where the name of my little business and tutorial blog comes from.

I have experienced lots of joy in making each needle felted piece. My desire is that you will find my creations enjoyable too. My hope is that they are (as the name suggests); ‘fit to be loved’.

How did I discover needle felting?


I had always been creative (mainly drawing animals in my teens) but rarely had the time to follow my hobbies due to my busy working life as Helpline Manager of the National Bat Helpline in London. But that all changed when I stumbled upon some beautiful needle felted animals whilst surfing the web in June 2013. I thought to myself that I would just love to have a go.

So I watched some tutorials on YouTube to get an idea of what you had to do and invested in needles, wool and foam pad. Once holding that wool I just knew what to do. I made a ball, and then started to sculpt some ears and it became a bunny. I haven’t looked back since! I started felting in the July and quickly set up this blog of tutorials to share what I have discovered with others. I can’t believe I waited til my late thirties to find such an amazing art form.

What do I love most about needle felting?

Needle felting is therapeutic and relaxing, distracting your mind from the busyness of the day!

I can create intricately detailed animals with character just with a needle, some wool and a sprinkling of love. Creating gives me so much satisfaction especially when I add a smile and eyes to each sculpture which brings it to life and adds personality. What a joy our heavenly father God must have had to make each one of us!

I sometimes give creations away as presents to loved ones but also sell my one off pieces too at my Etsy shop. Seeing the joy on a person’s face on receiving something I have made is so wonderful. (Below is Teresa at her charity shop receiving the tawny owl I felted for her).

Owl (2)   Owl (3)

I love nature walks and photography so once I have made an animal I love to take it into a wild setting for a photo-shoot against nature’s backdrop (my local park). People walking their dogs think I am a little crazy but hey it gives me the photos I need to display what I have made.

I also take photos with my phone as I go along and these are what I use for my picture tutorials for you to enjoy.

Why not join me and try needle felting today!! Look through my tutorial page for ideas, tips and tutorials.

Much love,




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  1. prachtig gewoon ik ben een hobbu ist in vele takken kortom ik doe veel graag en geniet van uw site


  2. I’m so grateful to you!! I’ve been experimenting techniques to get an elegant, realistic fluffy texture without being super fluffy… and failing… I had no idea about ‘reverse felting needles’!! It’s the answer I’ve been searching for! Thank you so much for your fantastic YouTube Video!! and for the links!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Fear Amanda, have not heard from you for a long time. Hope you are okay, and wishing you all good things.


  4. Hello Amanda !
    I am a french girl, so be indulgent with my english… english school is very very far away for me… (just thanks to “REVERSO”, my english vocabulary is very poor)
    I find your site when i’m looking for a tutoring for a mouse for an attachment to a board with photos for my little great-nephew. I don’t find my happy so i do it myself. Hum hum… But i find your site it’s very well !
    I just want to say you i love your creates. I always like to work with my hands, but i have no many time to do that. But i think i will go and look for if i find wool and needles and try it a day. Unfortunatly, i think so i have not a lot of talent to make this things. But i’m sure it will be very relaxing.
    Just say you, thanks for the tutorial and enjoy to your creates.
    I hope you understand that i say, and excuse me for my very bad english.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Amanda Adebisi

      Mice to meet you Annie. I understood your English perfectly well. 🙂 so happy you like my website and have found it useful. Hope you enjoy needle felting. Have a go and i guarantee you will find it addictive.


  5. Carol Abrahams

    Can you sign me up to follow your blog? I couldn’t find the “follow” button. Do you have a YouTube channel? Videos of how you create would be fabulous!! Thanks.
    Carol Abrahams


    • Amanda Adebisi

      Hi Carol. Yes I have a few videos in you give now. They are linked in my videos page. If on a computer you can follow me at the top of the right hand panel. Thanks 🙂


  6. Debbie mcdougall

    Hi Amanda
    I seen some topiary wire animals such as chicken,bear,rabbit on ebay for sale would these be ok to start needle felting on im Not quite sure.
    Luv your work


  7. Love your guinea pig!!! It looks so real! You’ve got great talent!


  8. Hi! I found your site through Do it and How blog, and you have a great blog. I nominated you for the Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award. You don’t need to make a response post if you do not wish to– I just wanted to take the time to recognize you. Thanks you… and great blog 🙂



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