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Attaching bunny ears

See how to make a needle felted bunny ear shape and then attach the ears onto a bunny head. 🐾💕🐰

Much of the same thing but sped up x8. a timelapse/hyperlapse process of me attaching cute bunny ears!! Quite relaxing to watch even though I am stabbing a bunny’s head. 😄


Needle felting a Sheltie Feltie

Here are some work in progress videos of mini Schubert the needle felted sheltie.

The beginning- wool over wire armature:

Building the tail out of wool:


A journey of shaping, adding his sweet detail and long fur :


and here is the final reveal of the finished sheltie 🙂 You can also see the post I wrote about him here


Needle felting Long animal fur; video tutorial

Would you like to learn techniques and tips for creating a detailed long fur look on your needle felted animal?

‘In this full length (1.5 hour) diary-style tutorial, I demonstrate how to add layers of wool to a miniature donkey. These techniques can be adapted for any long furred animal. Join me on my journey from preparation to finish; starting with carefully ‘needle brushed’ leg fibres, then fluffy tummy and long textured back fur. You will also see how I create a middle parting on the donkey’s muzzle, add a long fluffy fringe and a beautiful flowing mane.’

Watch the preview below

Buy now

The full length video tutorial is available to buy for just £3.75.

(Watch live multiple times or download it- it’s up to you!)


Woodland animals picture book 

An enchanting picture book of my needle felted woodland animals. In this video you’ll meet beautifully handmade one of a kind characters; badger, fox, bunnies, hare and squirrel. Soundtrack is ‘Maid with the Flaxen hair’ by Richard Stolzman.

Needle felting techniques – tiny toes

Would you like to learn some basic techniques for needle felting tiny toes/feet/hands?  Here I demonstrate one of my techniques for making toes by wrapping wool over wire. I also prepare them ready to attach onto an animal called a solenodon (a strange shrew-like creature with a long tail and venomous bite). This quick 11 min tutorial is easy to follow step by step.

Come back for more as I hope to post some more tutorials on here soon! 🙂

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  1. Do u have a tutorial for the white bunny head (the one u use to demo attaching ears)?


  2. I want to buy the long hair tutorial video, but it wont let me. how to I pay for it?



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