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Advanced Tutorials

Are you ready to further your skills and learn more advanced techniques for making your needle felted animals as realistic as possible?

I am creating a series of detailed tutorials for you to enjoy. Take a look on this page to see what’s on offer.

Have fun!! and please do let me know in the comments what tutorials you would find most helpful 🙂 

<< NEW FOR 2022- realistic moon gazing hare, to teach you how to make the hare plus fur attachment, reverse felting for blending, creating wavy textures, realistic wool eyes and use of wax to define tussles of fur.. >> 

Would you like to create your very own Mr Bumbley Bee?

He’s a giant fluffy gorgeousness that you can be brave to have him sit on your hand.

Beautifully illustrated tutorial (digital download) with over 250 instructional photos across 108 pages to show you 7 stages to create your own bee.

You’ll learn techniques including: basic armature making, reverse needle felting, long fur technique, wrapping wool and embroidery of wing patterns.

Includes bee anatomy diagram, size guides with wing template, needle felting safety advice and care instructions for when he’s finished.

Would you like to create a detailed and realistic long fur look on your needle felted animals?

In this video tutorial I demonstrate how to add layers of wool to a miniature donkey (as shown in the photos). The techniques can be adapted for any long furred animal.

Join me on my journey from preparation to finish; starting with carefully ‘needle brushed’ leg fibres, then fluffy tummy and long textured back fur.

You will also see how I create a middle parting on the donkey’s muzzle, add a long fluffy fringe and a beautiful flowing mane.

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