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needle felted fox   Needle felted hare  Needle felted bunny- grey  Needle felted bunny  Needle felted mouse

Needle felted badger   Needle felted guinea pig   Needle felted narwhal   Needle felted squirrel

07-IMG_4232   Felted bird (5)  23-Needle felted mole (24) Guinea pig (43)

Gift wrap  needle felted earrings1 needle felted earrings2  Needle_felted_cat_Harry.JPG

24-Ferret (32)  Needle felted donkey 3  Needlefelted guinea pig (6)

21-Needle felted dog (37)  Needle felted Solenodon 6

02-Needle felted bat (7)  Needle felted red panda  (6)


8 thoughts on “Gallery

    • Amanda Adebisi says:

      Yes I am in Ruislip. Just on outskirts of London. Hope you are enjoying this wonderful craft. Glad you have found the tutorials helpful. Thanks for you comment


    • Amanda Adebisi says:

      Hi Rosada, thanks for your interest. There are links here on various pages but you could click here to get direct to my sales page From there you can pay via PayPal or card. Once paid you can watch live or download. It works out at around 5 or 6 dollars depending on exchange rate. Let me know how you get on . Thanks Amanda


    • Amanda Adebisi says:

      Hi Phyllis, thank you for the kind comment. I am very sorry for your loss. i am just about to do a small dog so can take photos as i go if you like. 🙂


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