Tutorials, tips and ideas

To find the photo or video tutorial you need, or to get some inspiration for your own projects click on the picture links on this page. Have fun!!

Let me know what tutorials you would find helpful 🙂

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Free photo tutorials

What is needle felting How to add head and limbs Felting long animal fur

Heart and flower

Video tutorial

Full length detailed video to download or watch livestream! click the picture to see the 1 minute preview or buy today for only £3.75!

Long animal fur video



Free photo tutorials

Animal eyes Badger head Tiny feet and toes

Needle felt Bunny ears

Free Youtube tutorial

Tiny toes video


Free photo tutorials

needle felted bunny Needle felted guinea pig Needle felted owl


(all free to use)

Gift wrap ideas 2d felting ideas Heart and flower

felted bird Felt orchid Felted bee dog


Visit the gallery page for all the animals I have made to hopefully give you some inspiration for your own creations 🙂


24 thoughts on “Tutorials, tips and ideas

  1. Carla says:

    Thank you for the variety of tips. They are great! Could you please make a tutorial of how to make noses? Especially the little ones like for mice.


  2. Joni says:

    I like needle felting but I have a hard time knowing what size for eyes and nose, I had a chart that shows all the sizes of eyes, I would like one That shows all sizes of the noses, if you know what site to go to I would appreciate it thank you


  3. Kathryne says:

    Hello, thank you for all the great tutorials….i have just started felting and boy, we get addicted quick to this stuff..lol. I have a question…I saw we can dye wool….instead of running out or waiting for a color. i want to learn how to dye carded wool. I did buy merino wool, but. I am having difficulty making it stick,little hard as it is such a finer wool. But, I know I will maternit one day….
    Again thank you…..kathryne


  4. Debbie mcdougall says:

    Hi Amanda

    I have found your tutorials but, hi was wondering if I wanted to use real glass eyes do you know how I insert them?



    • Amanda Adebisi says:

      i haven’t used real glass myself as i felt mine from wool but i imagine you would leave an eye socket area for the eyes to go and then use a decent craft glue or use eyes that have a hole at the back for thread to go through(like with buttons) so you can sew them in place.


  5. tracy says:

    Thanks Amanda, for the black on black advice on eyes. I want to make a black short haired cat with a wire frame inside. Any tips greatly appreciated. Travy


  6. Irina says:

    Dear Amanda.Thank you for sharing your experience, I also love the dry felting .
    I would be happy to receive guests in my blog )http://igrushkiirishi.blogspot.ru/


    • Abbie says:

      Dear Amanda , thank you so very much for your tutorials and sharing your insights….. not only on felting but your insights on life. I too have become addicted to felting in a very short amount of time and really appreciate reading and learning all that I can on needle felting. Thank you for the time and efforts in sharing, you blessed me today, clear across the pond in the state of washington USA. God is good! keep on felting!


      • Amanda Adebisi says:

        So lovely to hear from you. Its so nice to connect with others like yourself through this amazing art. Would be great to see what you have made too and to share ideas. God bless x


      • Amanda Adebisi says:

        Hi Tracy, just been looking at pictures of this breed. Very cute! Are you copying a specific dog? You will want the eyes to show up being such a dark coloured dog. So you could use brown glass beads or if felting – from what I can see it would be good to do quite a plump rounded ball of wool for each eye as their eyes really stand out. I would use a ball of caramel brown, with darker brown blended in towards the middle. Then I would add a black centre as the pupil and a spot of white or cream onto the eye to make it look like the light is reflecting. (See my blog post on eyes to see what I did with other animals for the light reflecting spot) I would then outline the eye with a thin line of black and then around that a slightly thicker line of grey. Quite intricate but eyes are well worth it when finished. If you do each stage for both eyes at the same time it will be easier. These are just my thoughts but hope it helps. 🙂


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