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‘Fit to be loved’ is the meaning of my name; Amanda.
I so love that our names have meanings. As a child I always knew the meaning of my name and at times my parents would remind me of it. Thankfully they chose a really nice one.
However it is only more recently that I have begun to believe in these four little words for real. I haven’t always liked or loved myself but I suppose you could say I am now all grown up or at least trying to grow up although still enjoy being childlike at times. I now have much more confidence in who I am. Through my journey in life I know in my heart that I have been and am loved by my family, my lovely husband, friends and very much so by God.
Anyway this is not to go on about how I (and you too of course) deserve to be loved, but more to introduce myself to you as the creator of ‘Fit to be loved’ and explain where the name of my little business comes from.

I have experienced lots of joy in making each needle felted piece. My desire is that you will find my creations enjoyable too. My hope is that they are (as the name suggests); ‘fit to be loved’.

London-based Amanda has always been creative but rarely had the time to follow her hobbies due to her full time job as Helpline Manager of the National Bat Helpline. But that all changed when she stumbled across some beautiful needle felted animals whilst surfing the web.

“I thought to myself that I would love to have a go. So I watched some tutorials on YouTube to get an idea of what you had to do and invested in needles, wool and foam pad. I made a bunny and haven’t looked back since! I started felting in July and set up my blog of tutorials to share with others what I have discovered, and can’t believe I waited till my late thirties to find such an amazing art form!
I have given creations away as presents but also been commissioned for work too as I have an Etsy shop. Seeing the joy on a person’s face on receiving something I have made is so wonderful.”
When we asked Amanda what she enjoyed most about her craft, she replied:
“I can create intricately detailed animals with character just with a needle, some wool and a sprinkling of love. Making creations such as the little badger I’m holding in the picture, give me so much satisfaction especially when I add a smile and eyes to each sculpture which brings it to life and adds personality.”

Look out for new products and for ideas and tips. Is there something you would like me to make?

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