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Gift wrap ideas

Today I want to inspire you with some gift wrapping ideas. I am sure you will agree that packaging is just as important as the product inside.  Presenting your hours of work beautifully in something it deserves…not in a plain boring or tacky wrap or one that shows no effort was made…

But how could my Fit to be loved creations be gift wrapped in Fit to be loved packaging and at an affordable price?

It is really all down to your imagination and what you can get your hands on.

You could buy boxes and luxurious materials but the expense could really soon add up.

What I want to show you today is how I have been reusing basic brown cardboard boxes (in fact the outer packaging from the crickets I buy on line for my geckos) and upcycling them by adding ribbons, doilies, felt/ polystyrene shapes, string/ twine etc

Here is my most recent box….


So simple yet looks lovely!

You can get everything you need for way under a pound for each box if you look in charity shops, car boot sales and cheap stores like pound land, Tiger, Wilkinsons, the Works, sales at greeting card shops…. and the experience of grabbing a bargain is far too much fun to miss out on too!!!

Be creative not just in what you make but in how you package it. Wow your customers or bring a tear to a loved one’s eyes when giving them a gift from the heart…

So here are some more ideas to get you started…






Remember not to overload but keep simple, colourful and imaginative. That personal touch goes a long way…:-)

Let me know what you think….

If you are buying a bespoke felted animal or accessory from my Etsy shop…let me know what colours you like and I will ensure the gift wrap matches up.:-)


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  1. You have inspired me to go to my neared pound shop and see what might lurk in there that I can use in my packaging 🙂



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