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Heart Tags

I was very excited this week to receive these little acrylic hearts with ‘Fit to be loved’ engraved on them. I bought them on etsy from Stacy Hotchkiss of ‘Running with scissors‘. Very impressed with the little organza bag presentation. I love the extra detail of adding the heart attached to the ribbon so I can see what was inside. 🙂 



I have been thinking for a while now of how to make my needle felted animals  identifiable as being created by me. If I were a painter I would sign my painting with my name. Not quite so easy with a fibre sculpture.

I did look at metal tags but these being transparent are not so conspicuous and don’t take away from whatever colour wool I use.   


I liked the hearts as they really suit the name ‘Fit to be loved’. They each have a tiny hole so they can be sewn onto my creations.





I just love love love them! Can’t wait to use my first one. 🙂

I would well recommend Running with Scissors. Great product and a friendly helpful service.


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  1. They are the cutest ever. I have been using a tiny jewelry bead with even decreasing circles on it, my last name is oliver, co the o”s work great.


  2. Wow – these are terrific! Brilliant idea!



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