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Needle Felted Eyes: Needle Felting Sleeping (or closed) Animal Eyes Tutorial

Would you like to know how to make needle felted eyes that are closed or sleeping?

I am making another baby tiger quoll at the moment and when it came to felting the eyes I thought I’d take the opportunity to film the process so I could show you.

In this video tutorial I teach you the stages of sculpting the eyelids, adding a dark eye line and attaching fur around the eye, plus other tips such as which needle to use for detail including the star, twisted and reverse felting needles.

My last quoll ‘Freckle’ pictured here went all the way to Australia where these fascinating marsupials are from.

My new one is going to California once finished!

You may also remember ‘Hazel’ the hazel dormouse I made too? Again she had those sweet sleeping eyes.

Needle felting eyes that are closed or sleeping are quite simple to make. It is more or less needle felting a line but there’s a little more to it to as well to make them look as realistic as possible.

Whether you are an absolute beginner or a more advanced learner I hope this video inspires you to get out your needles and wool and felt your own sleeping animal. 🙂

So, here is the video…..

What sleeping animal are you going to make?



*** Best NEEDLES I use are from Heidifeathers. All their needles are of brilliant quality and are colour coded.

It’s well worth getting a set of 30 Mixed Felting Needles – 10 Different types – Triangular, Star, Reverse and Twisted Needles – here

Or you can choose them by needle type:

Star 38G – here

Triangle 38G – here

Triangle 40G – here

Twisted 38G – here

Twisted 40G – here

Twisted Mix – 38 & 40 gauge Twisted needles – here

Reverse / Inverted Felting Needles – here

(Please see links disclaimer in the right hand panel)


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