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Easy Needle Felted Fox for Christmas

Would you like to make some cute and easy needle felted Christmas decorations? Here is a tutorial that I hope you’ll all enjoy especially if you are a beginner!

I’ll show you how to create a little needle felted fox that you can easily hold in your hands. He is sleeping with his tail wrapped round him and has a lovely teal blue scarf round his neck to keep him warm for the winter. I think the teal colour looks great against the foxy orange colour though of course you could opt for any colour you like!

You could create one to add to your own collection of Christmas ornaments or make a few as gifts for family and friends 🙂

I demonstrate how to add a hanging loop so you can hang him on a branch of your Christmas tree or from a hook on your mantle piece. Perhaps you’d like him as an ornament without one! Maybe even attach him to a woodland themed wreath?

He is made of pure wool and there’s no need to crochet or knit his scarf, simply plait it!

I hope you find this tutorial useful and enjoy it too!! 🙂

Easy Needle Felted Christmas Decorations: a cute NEEDLE FELTED FOX Tutorial

Here are my recommendation for where to buy the materials and tools (if you live in the UK)


Triangle 36G

Triangle 38G

Triangle 40G


Creamy white Corriedale Slivers

Carded Slivers in animal shades – Menagerie mix – 10 colours or wildlife mix – 18 colours

Merino tops – packs of 6 (choose from 8 different shade packs)


Stork Shaped Rose Gold Embroidery Scissors


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  1. Thank you for sharing your talent


  2. Thank you ! As always your tutorials are wonderful

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  3. This is a really good informative video Amanda, it is well made and very inspiring. Your instructions are very easy to follow – really enjoyable. Thank you for sharing it.

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  4. Wonderful thank you so much for sharing x

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