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Mr Bumbley Bee Tutorial Easter Sale

If you’ve not already got a copy, the 4 day Easter sale on my Mr Bumbley Bee PDF Tutorial starts Today over in my Etsy shop! You’ll get a 30% discount. Grab it while you can as the offer ends on Sunday 🐝

This tutorial is beautifully illustrated with over 250 instructional colour photos across 108 pages.

Includes Bee Anatomy diagram, Size Guides with wing template, Felting safety advice and Care instructions for your finished bee.

You will learn how to:

  • Twist pipe cleaners together to form a basic armature structure.
  • Emphasise the leg segments and antennae by adding small pieces of wool to them.
  • Wrap wool over the armature and build up layers of wool to sculpt a bee shape.
  • Use a reverse needle to create fluffy bumble bee hair.
  • Create the bee’s white tail using a long fur technique.
  • Add depth of colour to the yellow bands.
  • Make wing shapes from organza material and hand sew a pattern and attach wings.

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