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Needle Felted Cats

Here you will find full detailed tutorials for how to make a realistic Tabby Birman cat (head shape, adding fur, making ears, etc), plus the full process time lapse. Also an in depth realistic cat eye tutorial and a tabby kitten in a frame for inspiration.

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Are you stuck on how to continue with an animal you are felting? not sure where to begin? or maybe you need some direction on how to improve or correct a mistake?

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  1. I just watched your new tiny toes video but I have two questions 1 how big does the mouse have to be to match these toes 2 how do you connect the toes to the foot and/or leg. Thank you so much for your help. Patsy VanHoy

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    • Thanks so much for watching it Patsy. The feet in this video mean the mouse would be quite big at say real life rat size but you can go much smaller or bigger to whatever scale you need with thinner wire and/or shorter pieces. I wanted to demo the technique on as small as i could comfortably go for my camera. For attachment I usually grab a good pinch/wad of wool and place it onto the foot area and stab carefully until firmly attached and then stab that onto my leg or build a leg around it. Hope that helps 😊



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