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Needle Felted Eyes Tutorial 1: How to make Realistic Needle Felted Dog Eyes

Would you like to know how to needle felt dog eyes?  👁👁 

Maybe you aren’t sure where to start or having trouble getting the eyes to look realistic? or maybe you’ve always used glass or plastic eyes but would like to try wool?

I’ve created a video to show you how I make them. It has everything you’ll need for planning and creating wool dog eyes that are detailed and realistic. This is the first in the series of my Needle Felted Eyes Tutorials (see here for tutorial 1 on cat eyes).

I first go over the theory – eye size and position, eye anatomy, eye colours, mood and expression, before then demonstrating how I needle felted the eyes on my recent springer spaniel.

People often remark and ask how I make the eyes. For me the eyes are my favourite part – I love a challenge and often spend a long time on eyes to get them right. It is so worth that feeling of satisfaction.

When I have created the eyes I feel that is the moment my animal is complete and when they look back at you they have almost become alive.

The eyes are like the windows to the soul and give character to your animal.

I’ve never tried glass or other materials. They look great too and that may be your preference. I like to aim for realism as much as possible whilst still using wool. In more practical terms I do love that you can get the exact size, shape, colours and expression that you want for that particular animal.

I encourage you to have a go, follow the steps in this tutorial, experiment and see what you think. 🙂

Thanks for watching 🙂

For what breed of dog are you going to try to needle felt the eyes?

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