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My first Youtube tutorial !

‘Would you like to learn some basic techniques for needle felting tiny toes/feet/hands? Here I demonstrate one of my techniques for making toes by wrapping wool over wire. I also prepare them ready to attach onto an animal called a solenodon (a strange shrew-like creature with a long tail and venomous bite). This quick 11 min tutorial is easy to follow step by step.’

As you know I often take photos of my needle felted creations as I go along and have posted various tips and tutorials on my blog so you too can follow the same steps. However I have been wanting to do a video for ages so finally it is here!

Whilst making the feet for the solenodon I used my Samsung s4 mini (hung from some string on a bendy lamp stand!) to video my hands as I shaped the wire and wrapped the wool over it. I used windows movie maker to edit it and added narratives and music. Not so impressed by the volume as my voice is not so loud if watching from a tablet or phone but I hope you can hear it ok.

Feedback welcome please for my first attempt. 🙂

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  1. Thankyou great tuition very easy to follow .I’m new to this craft and have adapted this technique for making the birds legs I need for the Sparrows I have made.


  2. Great video Amanda, only issue (which is minor) is I couldn’t hear any music. I am using my Windows Phone Nokia Lumia 640 XL.

    I would love to see a video on how to needle long and short fur. I am in the middle of a project and can’t find a half-decent method, yet your solenodon in this vid has half finished fur, unless I’m mistaken.

    Keep up the excellent tutorials,

    Felt Wicked.


    • Amanda Adebisi

      Hi Tobias. Thanks for your comments. Sorry you couldn’t hear the sound well. I hope to do more videos and one will definitely be how to do fur. For now though have you seen my photo tutorial for long fur as a possible technique? You are right the solenodon was only half furred when I did the feet. I always find that the fur on the back should always be done last so it doesn’t get matted when doing other parts of the animal. 🙂


      • I’m way ahead of you there. I originally found your blog by googling for “needle felting long fur”. Yours is the most comprehensive tutorial I have come across so far. I printed it for my personal-use “How To” tutorial book.

        I like your method far more than Serafina’s method of putting a carpet of core wool topped by top coat fibres, although that has its merits too.

        Felt Wicked.


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