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Needle felted bat (Brown long eared bat)

Seeing as I manage the National bat helpline (UK) as my day job it was about time I made a bat! Thankfully I was asked to make this little brown long eared bat (BLE) (Plecotus auritus) – although when I say little she is very big compared to real BLEs which have a body length of around 5cm.

She was a challenge as not only did I have to work out how to make folded wings and a tail membrane but BLEs have such massive ears as you can see. She is made of corriedale and merino wool and has wire inside her forearms, legs and ears.

BLEs can live up to 30 years, eat thousands of insects each night, have only one baby a year and these fantastic huge ears help them to listen for prey as they glean them from leaves.

This one is definitely alert and looking for a cuddle but usually at rest their ears curl back a bit like ram’s horns to show only the tragus (the pointy inner ear lobe). Hope you like her and agree that bats are amazing! πŸ™‚
03-Needle felted bat (8)Β  Β Β  12-Needle felted bat (35)

15-Needle felted bat (40) 25-Needle felted bat (57)

02-Needle felted bat (7)Β Β  18-Needle felted bat (45) 22-Needle felted bat (50)


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  1. Good morning Amanda. I love your Bat, I too enjoy your posts, it is my day off and I couldn’t wait to check out your new post. I was saving a peek at it until I had time to really enjoy the unvaleing . I live in Ontario,Canada ,we have brown bats that enjoy the upper part of our barn, often I sit at dusk at watch and count them to see how our population has increased. I am not sure if they are the same. I also have a respect for snakes, these guys as well are a benefit to us and are misunderstood. Thank-you for your post


    • Amanda Adebisi

      Hi Lynn. Thanks so much. Brown bats are quite different and we don’t get them here in the Uk so that must be a splendour to see. How great you have a bat roost so close by. I too quite like snakes. Have had a few geckos as pets but don’t think my hubby would appreciate having one of those in the house. πŸ™‚


  2. I love him! So adorable!


  3. I love your spirit and your joy in felting. You are my inspiration, and I am so very grateful and glad every time I see a new blog post from you in my inbox. You have such a talent for making lovable and exquisitely crafted little creatures, with such a sparkle of life to them. Your directions have been very helpful to me, as well.
    You rock! Thank you β™ͺβ™« for she’s a jolly good felter, for she’s a jolly good fellll ter, that nobody can deny. πŸ˜€

    love and best wishes

    Judy in Santa Rosa, California


    • Amanda Adebisi

      Hi Judy. Thank you soo much. That is such a lovely encouraging thing to say. So pleased you enjoy my posts. Makes it all worthwhile πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


  4. Bridget Cheverton

    Hi, I love your beautiful bat shes gorgeous like to see more of your work more often. I live in tasmania and we have heaps of different bats too. Thanks bridget.



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