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Needle Felting CAT EARS Tutorial

How do I needle felt realistic cat ears? What’s a Henry’s pocket? How do I add ear hairs?

These are the questions you might ask yourself, though maybe you have seen that interesting looking crevice/pouch on the side of a cat’s ear but not realised it was called a Henry’s pocket…hehe I didn’t know this until I studied the ears in detail when making my Tabby Birman cat 🙂 such a cute name for it don’t you think?

So here is my Needle Felting Cat Ears tutorial that will show you how to make cat ears from wool that are realistic and detailed and I’ll hopefully answer those questions more fully..

There are 12 steps including the basic ear shape, adding some inner ear colour, 2 methods for the fluffy fur on the back of the ears, how to create a Henry’s pocket, making the ears thin, attaching to the head and I reveal a special technique at the end on those cat ear hairs…. The end result will be some gorgeous cat ears! Will you have a go?

I hope you enjoy it as much as I thoroughly enjoyed making the ears and presenting them to you in this video.

Needle Felting Cat Ears Tutorial

This is part four in the needle felted cat head series so if you’ve missed any of the previous parts you can view them at the links below.

  • Tutorial one for Needle Felting a Cat Head Shape is here
  • Tutorial two for short fur is here.
  • Tutorial three for long fur is here.
  • Tutorial five for whiskers is here.
  • The realistic felted cat eyes tutorial is here.
  • The time lapse video of the whole head showing footage of the amazing process from start to finish is here.

Thanks for watching!

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