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Needle Felted Cat Head – Short Fur Tutorial

Are you needle felting a cat with short fur? or a long haired cat that has shorter furred areas?

This is part two in my series of Needle Felted Cat Head tutorials as demonstrated on a Tabby Birman sculpture!

I’ll teach you how to blend colours by layering wool and reverse felting. There’s also some planting of longer strands and trimming…

You’ll be adding short fur to the bridge of the nose, the cheeks, whisker pads, chin and around the eyes. I’ll also share my technique for whisker dots 🙂

So here is the video on needle felting short fur:

The next part (three) for needle felting long fur on your cat is here.

Part four for felting cat ears is here.

There will soon be a part on whiskers. I’ll share the link when it’s up 🙂

Videos you may have missed

Tutorial one for Needle Felting a Cat Head Shape is here.

The time lapse version of the whole head showing footage of the amazing process from start to finish is here.

Or if you’d like to see exactly how the cat’s eyes were made purely from wool, then you can watch the tutorial here.

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