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Armature Guides for Needle Felted Animals

If you are needle felting animals of the canine kind🐕🐶🐕🦊🐺 or felines 🦁🐈🐱🐆🐅🐯, I’m sure you’ll love these PDF armature guides just released by a good friend of mine from KawaiiYokaii Studios.

They are beautifully illustrated, easy to follow diagrams and instructions. You can not only use them as a reference for measuring your wires to make the armature but also as a size guide for when building up the wool to get the body shape of your animal just right and to proportion too!

They are a very useful aid when following my free armature tutorial here.

Don’t see a dog breed or type of cat you are planning to needle felt? – she gladly takes requests and offers these updates for free so once you’ve purchased the pack you can come back and download the most up to date version!

They are in my opinion a great bargain at the price she offers them at and very handy to have in your needle felting tool kit!

Guides in the canine pack:

*Pug *Fox/Coyote *Large Breed Dog/Wolf
*Dachshund *French Bulldog *Fennec Fox *Terrier *Shiba *African Wild Dog *Racoon Dog

(She added these 3 based on requests after the launch)
*Greyhound *Springer Spaniel *Border Collie

Plus more to come…!

Guides in the feline pack:

*Domestic Cat *Tiger *Lion *Panther *Iberian Lynx *Caracal *Cheetah *Clouded Leopard *Puma *Serval

Plus more to come….!

She’ll be adding more animal groups soon too. 😊

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