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It’s wonderful how some wool and pipe cleaners can be transformed into a realistic needle felted bunny sculpture with just a little imagination, prodding effort and time!

I’ve made bunnies before but not a wild looking one. I chose some beautiful wools – carded slivers from the menagerie range at Heidifeathers. The main colour is called ‘rabbit’, the darker shade is ‘deer’ and the white is ‘polar bear white’. They were soft and easy to wrap, felt and blend.

Here is a time lapse tutorial that shows you the entire process and demonstrates the steps you need to make your own cute wild rabbit. The video includes pipe cleaner armature, wrapping wool, adding wool shapes to build the body, making paws, creating a head with face detail, adding wool eyes and lovely long bunny ears, attaching the ears and head, making a cute fluffy tail, reverse felting for fluffy fur, adding a darker shade for more realism and adding horsehair whiskers.

I hope you enjoy it! Thanks for watching!


Complete Beginner’s Guide to WIRE ARMATURE for Realistic Needle Felted Animals

Have you ever wondered when to use a wire armature? or been confused as to what size wire to use? Maybe you are wanting to know what wool and needles are best for armature making?

In this video, the Complete Beginner’s Guide to using Wire Armature for Realistic Needle Felted Animals, I show you the tools and materials I use when making a wire armature and answer these common questions and more.

This tutorial is packed full of useful tips and includes 5 demos – Bunny & Fox armatures plus tiny rodent feet (guinea pig, rat and mouse)!

Heidifeathers have kindly sponsored the video. Get a 10% discount at their International online shop at using code Felting10 (first 50 customers only – so be sure to go there as soon as you can and don’t miss out!)

They have a wonderful range of wool, wire and tools, pretty much everything you’ll need for needle felting realistic animals. I use their wire, pipe cleaners, needles, wool, pliers, felting mat and horse hair in my video and I thoroughly recommend them if you’d like to get started!

Complete Beginner’s Guide to WIRE ARMATURE for Realistic Needle Felted Animals

I hope you enjoy the video! Let me know in the comments what animal you might like to make first with a wire armature 🙂

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