Miniature donkey

I can now reveal my latest creation, a miniature donkey!

I was sent some photos of an absolutely gorgeous real miniature donkey and asked to needle felt her as a surprise Christmas present for her loving owner. It was an absolute pleasure to create her as I looked at those cute eyes and wonderful fluffy coat.

As she is a hoofed animal I quickly realised that to stand up she would need some stability so I wrapped core Corriedale wool over a wire armature. She soon started to take shape!!

Needle felted donkey 1







Needle felted donkey 2







I made her as a young fluffy donkey with long fur rather than when she was a bit older after a summer moult but this meant I really had to think about how to get the right colour and texture for her fur. I ended up buying 4 wool colours and mixing them carefully by hand with other brown and cream colours I had to get the right shade.






Once I started adding the long fur I had to be so careful not to let the strands fuzz up when laying the animal down to reach all sides. I therefore had to start on the legs and tummy and do the back and face last so the fur was looking its best in these areas and I didn’t end up squashing her ears.

Needle felted donkey 8






Needle felted donkey 9







Needle felted donkey 10








Needle felted donkey 11


Needle felted donkey 12








Needle felted donkey 13







Thankfully donkey fur is slightly matted so I didn’t have to worry too much about it having to look silky smooth! I just love doing faces so this was hard for me to have to wait til the end but it was definitely worth it πŸ™‚

Needle felted donkey 3

Needle felted donkey 4









Needle felted donkey 6

Needle felted donkey 5


48 thoughts on “Miniature donkey

  1. Helen Wegner says:

    Do you sell these donkeys? I would love to purchase a couple of them. Please send price and details if available for sale.


    • Amanda Adebisi says:

      Thanks Colleen yes you will love it if you try. Once i had bought my wool and needles I was addicted. Yes some people do use alternatives such as their own dog’s hair so I am sure some donkey hair would felt just fine.


  2. Freida says:

    Hi Amanda, my oldest daughter’s name is Amanda!!! I love this little guy so much, was wondering on if you would be interested in making me one? Also on the price of such piece? I could never be this talented….


    • Amanda Adebisi says:

      Great your daughter has the same name πŸ™‚ so pleased you like the donkey. I am making one at the moment for someone but as a one off so unfortunately won’t be making any more.


  3. Debbie mcdougall says:

    Hi Amanda. Do you know of anyone where I could buy the wire armatures for the needle felting animals, I was in contact with a lady that sells them but, she has retired does no more I hope you can help me


  4. Debbie mcdougall says:

    Luvvvvvvv your work, how do you get the shape of the animal?
    Hiw do you do the wire insert?
    I am learning all about needle felting
    Thank you


    • Amanda Adebisi says:

      Thanks so much Debbie. I start off with a wire, bent in shape of the donkey (a bit like a skeleton). this is wrapped with pipe cleaners so the wool has something to grip onto. I wrap long lengths of wool round the wire, felting slightly to hold in place. Then start adding different shapes of wool which i have already felted to give the anatomy of the donkey and build up from there -this is all with core wool that felts quickly and is cheaper than the nice stuff. I then add the layers of the nicer merino wools as long fur.


  5. wonnieslittleideas says:

    Oh my… ❀ She looks so real! Really great. I think i need more wool to felt another one for myself. I love that fluffy hair. Have a look at my blogheader, i felted some extramini donkeys, mother and child πŸ˜€ Maybe you will love them too? ❀


    • Amanda Adebisi says:

      Ooh i love them, so cute and such character! yes you should have another go.. donkeys are simply adorable and i so loved making her.


  6. Teresa says:

    I appreciate that you show us the steps building up to the finished project. Your animals are always a pleasure to see. As usual Donkey is a incredible work of art.


  7. Gloria Irla Marlow says:

    Your miniature donkey is amazing. I’ve only read two of your blogs, one with instructions for creating long hair and I’m already learning so much.


  8. Linda Wenger says:

    I think your little donkey is just the cutest thing ever! It looks like it’s ready to trot around the paddock and get into mischief. I’m sure it’s new owner was thrilled to pieces.
    What kind of fibers did you use for its coat? Were they all merino?


    • Amanda Adebisi says:

      Thanks Linda, yes from what i hear her new owner is very pleased. I used merino mainly for the coat with a bit of corriedale mixed in and in fact i used a tiny bit of alpaca for the white on her tummy as the lady who she went to had very kindly given me some alpaca wool from her own alpacas so I wanted to incorporate some in there as a thank you. πŸ™‚


      • Linda Wenger says:

        Thank you, Amanda. I’m still learning about the different fibers and which make the best fur and hair effects. I haven’t tried any alpaca yet, but I have used some angora that a friend sent me. Someone else just gave me some Persian cat hair that will be interesting to try on my Sheltie felties.


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