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Needle Felted Quoll

I’m so excited to show you my latest needle felted quoll. He’s curled up fast asleep and looking rather cuddly don’t you think?

It’s been a few years since I made my first one and I absolutely loved making one again.

Quolls are incredibly unique animals. They are spotted marsupials from Australia and my do they have interesting feet too!! I think they look almost like an imaginary creature rather than a real one.

I made his core out of Norwegian wool batts, his top coat is a mix of merino tops and corriedale slivers. I added the long fur with the long fur technique (see here for how you can do this) and also did some reverse needle felting to create a blend of lighter colours on his face. He also has wire in his tail and toes and horse hair for whiskers.

If you are wondering how to felt eyes that are closed or sleeping – here is a tutorial on how I made the quoll’s eyes. This is great for all sorts of sleeping animals 🙂 It also shows my quoll when he didn’t have any fur (just his core base).

If you are stuck on how you might needle felt spots on your spotted creations – here is a tutorial showing 4 ways you can achieve this from simple spots to more detailed long furred spots.

What are you currently making or planning to needle felt next? any interesting looking animals like the quoll maybe?


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  1. Hi Amanda. You asked your followers to let you know what we’d like to learn. First off, I wanted to tell you how much I love your red panda!! My granddaughter adores red pandas and I’d love to make this for her one day if it’s something you could offer detailed instructions for. But I will say I’m a beginner so that’s going to be a bit much for me right now. What I’d love to learn right now (one of many things!) is basic birds similar to the one I’m sending a photo of right after this message. I’d love to make a few of these and string them together to hang. I saw your blue bird you made for your sister and loved him but for what I want to do it’s very simple. They don’t even have feet and it’s their coloring that makes them unique. Ultimately I’d love to get good enough to make real birds (evening grosbeak especially). Also have you ever considered selling kits? Thanks! Really enjoy your lovely work! Terri Daugherty

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    • Thank you so much for the lovely comment and feedback Terri. I really appreciate you taking the time to write. The bird in the picture is really sweet. Do you know who made it? I wonder if they do a kit or instructions? I should think it would be fairly easy to make and you could use some lovely colours! I have quite a plan ahead this year of tutorials in store so not sure if I’d be able to include this particular bird. Planning and creating tutorials takes such a long time and so though I’d love to make everything my audience ask of me I simply don’t have enough time. However on the bird theme I am planning a detailed sparrow like the one I made recently or maybe a robin as that seems to be a popular ask. I’d be very happy to provide you with some pointers as to where to start and how to progress. I’ve just set up a new one to one session option to work with me for an hour over zoom if it’s something you feel you would benefit from. Here is the link.

      I did think about kits but decided on pdf tutorials as a way forward for now mainly due to lack of space where I live for storing all the wool and tools I’d need to sell. Maybe one day hey 🙂 😀


  2. Thank you your felting is amazing x


  3. susan b rindchen

    very cute. thank you for the sleepy eye tutorial.



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