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Please vote for your favourite before this Sunday!

So excited this week to be entering an art competition by an amazing company called Wraptious. I discovered them a few years ago after seeing some lovely coasters and prints by one of their sellers at a craft market and was so impressed by the work I saw I have been following them ever since. (Of course I also treated myself to a few gifts :-)).

They support the talents of British artists but since lots of artists like me would love to work with them and they can only take on one or two artists each year,  they set the bar high with a competition.

I have entered this year’s competition with three cushion designs as I would absolutely love to be chosen. They are my watercolour paintings inspired by a few of your favourite Fit to be loved needle felted animal characters – Fox, Long-eared bat and the Tawny owl.

The competition ends this Sunday and I need your help please to vote>>>

>>>Please click ‘like’ on the cushions below! 

For a limited time only UNTIL THIS SUNDAY (while the competition is running) the cushions are for sale too ! So please don’t miss out on getting one of your very own Fit to be loved art cushions NOW. Just follow the individual weblinks by the picture to purchase. 

Each cushion is vegan-suede and handmade in the UK. Free UK delivery too.

Bat lovers alert!! – I will donate 15% of sale price of the bat design to the Bat Conservation Trust Helpline bat care project. Such a great cause!

Here’s my three original Fit to be loved characters 😀

Thank you so much xx 😀


Needle felted bat (Brown long eared bat)

Seeing as I manage the National bat helpline (UK) as my day job it was about time I made a bat! Thankfully I was asked to make this little brown long eared bat (BLE) (Plecotus auritus) – although when I say little she is very big compared to real BLEs which have a body length of around 5cm.

She was a challenge as not only did I have to work out how to make folded wings and a tail membrane but BLEs have such massive ears as you can see. She is made of corriedale and merino wool and has wire inside her forearms, legs and ears.

BLEs can live up to 30 years, eat thousands of insects each night, have only one baby a year and these fantastic huge ears help them to listen for prey as they glean them from leaves.

This one is definitely alert and looking for a cuddle but usually at rest their ears curl back a bit like ram’s horns to show only the tragus (the pointy inner ear lobe). Hope you like her and agree that bats are amazing! 🙂
03-Needle felted bat (8)     12-Needle felted bat (35)

15-Needle felted bat (40) 25-Needle felted bat (57)

02-Needle felted bat (7)   18-Needle felted bat (45) 22-Needle felted bat (50)

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